Enzymatic degradation of nanocomposites poly (-Caprolactone) and starch containing sodium montmorillonite clay by amyloglucosidase and -amylase

Author(s): Mohammad Alikarami, Zahra Abbasi

The aims of the studywere to investigate the effect of poly (-caprolactone) (PCL) and Sodium Montmorillonite (MMT-Na) within the thermoplastic starch (TPS) blends on the rate and extent of starch enzymatic hydrolysis using enzymes á-amylase and amyloglucosidase. The results of this study have revealed that blends with a MMT-Na content at 6 wt% exhibited a significantly reduced rate and extent of starch hydrolysis. The results suggest that this may have been attributed to interactions between starch and MMT-Na that further prevented enzymatic attack on the remaining starch phases within the blend. The total solids that remained after 3000 min were 52 wt.%(TPS: PCL); 56.3 wt.%(TPS: PCL: 2%MMT-Na); 61.7 wt.% (TPS: PCL: 4% MMT-Na); 65.4 wt.% (TPS: PCL: 6% MMT-Na). Enzymatic degradation behaviour of TPS: PCL:MMT-Na was based on the determinations ofWater resistance, Weight loss and the Reducing sugars.

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