Environmental policies to climate change in the state of oaxaca

Author(s): O.F.Mijangos–Ricardez, J.López–Luna

Climate change is a key issue of the twenty-first century and its mitigation and adaptation, one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. At the country level there is an agenda against this phenomenon and studies have been conducted on the possible scenarios of climate change. But it is necessary to reinforce actions at the state level, case Oaxaca, which must define policies tomitigate emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) and climate change adaptation, in order to promote strategies, starting fromlocal reality to generate synergy and impact at regional and national levels. So, it is necessary to construct State ProgramofAction to Climate Change (PEACC) with the committed participation of specialized equipment designed to:make decisions, assess needs and define situations; which are the basis for the design of an action plan, integrating specific measures aimed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and get adapted to climate change, in accordance with established national and international policies in thematter. The PEACC will identify climate change as a strategic security issue requiring timely solutions to the social, political, economic and environmental spheres.

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