Enhanced photovoltaic cell incorporating a dye-sensitized ZnS/ ZnO composite thin films

Author(s): P.N.Prashanth Kumar, H.S.Bhojya Naik, H.R.Ravi, R.viswanath, H.R.Sreepad

The present paper reports that preparation of entacopone intermediate molecule (catacol sensitizer) and characterized byMass spectra, IR spectra and melting point which exactly matches with the reported molecule. For improving the photovoltaic cell the ZnS was thermally evaporated onto conducting fiuorine-doped tin oxide glass; then a particulate ZnO layer was pasted and sintered to form a ZnS/ZnO composite layer. A visible light source was utilized to excite the Catacol sensitizer, which was adsorbed onto the surface of the ZnO and composite films. The ZnS layer is believed to provide an alternative pathway for electrons to move across ZnO barriers. This alternative pathwaywith the composite layer structure provides higher power efficiency than does a single layer of ZnO films.

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