Energy and water conservation: Present need

Author(s): D.N.Srivastava, Deependra Singh, K.S.Verma

Increase in population and living standard need more potable water. The supply department supplies water normally to ground floor or first floor of multistoried building. For supply water in multistoried building; water is supplied at very high pressure. Due to high-pressure much water wastage and leakage takes place. Nearly 50% of the water supplied is wasted from supply pipe. To fulfill the water needmuchwater is lifted fromthe tube well. Some times higher discharge water pump is installed on tube well. More discharge fromtube well causes boring failure. It causes more maintenance and energy consumption. Due to much financial burden, it is difficult to supply water continuously in pipe line. This causes major water crisis. In this paper, causes of water crises are analyzed in detail. A result indicates that water crises are mainly not due to water shortage. Poor water management is mainly responsible for water crises. It also increases energy consumption especially in summer when there is shortage of energy. There is need of more diesel oil to run the generator set. By proper design of water supply system and its management, nearly 50 % of water, energy and revenue can be saved.

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