Elemental Analysis Of Mayurapicchadibhasma

Author(s): Dinesh Kumar,Sunil Kumar, K.R.Khandelwal

Mayurapicchadibhasma is an ayurvedic dosage form which is widely prescribed in the prevention of hiccup, vomiting especially in pregnant ladies. Mayurapicchadibhasma was prepared by providing thermal stress to peacock feathers(Pavo cristatus, Family: phasianidae) at 5250C in muffle furnace. In this study, the mayurapicchadibhasma was screened for elemental analysis for ascertaining the presence of several elements in it. Upon elemental analysis by AAS(Atomic absorption spectrophotometer) and flame photometer, the mayurapicchadibhasma was found to contain the following elements zinc, manganese, sodium, iron, potassium, copper, phosphorous, gold and chlorine.

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