Electrochemical investigation of 4-aminophenol at natural phosphate modified carbon paste electrode

Author(s): Tarik El Ouafy, Abdelilah Chtaini, Hassan Oulfajrete, Rachida Najih

4-aminophenol is themain impurity present in preparations of paracetamol. Using the Cyclic voltammetry, the electrode behaviour of 4-aminophenol has been studied in 0.1 M Na2SO4 solutions at natural phosphate (NP) modified carbon paste electrode (CPE). The optimal potential window of wide range from -1V to 1V was selected. The electron transfer kinetics of theNP-CPE in the detection of analyte was determined by the scan rate effect and concentration variation studies. The scan rate effect showed the electrode process is adsorption controlled. The oxidation peak currents represented a linear dependence on 4-aminophenol concentration from0.45mMto 2.29mMwith correlation coefficient r2=0.996 The effect of cationic surfactant shows good high sensitivity and stability for the redox process of the 4-aminophenol.

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