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Electrical properties of rare earth doped ALPO4-zeolites

Author(s): B.V.Suresh kumar,H.R.Ravi,K.N.Prakash narasimha

Frequency dependence of electrical properties like conductivity, dielectric constant, and loss factor (tan ä) of rare earth doped aluminophosphate zeolites are observed in the range of 10 kHz to 100 kHz. The dielectric properties of these materials have been studied with a view to modify the properties of zeolite systems for practical applications. The conduction mechanism includes a frequency dependant process as described to the motion of rare earths in the super cages of aluminophosphate zeolites. The electrical response of a normal dielectric can be described by its Capacitance (C), dielectric constant (å) and loss factor (tan ä). The experimental result shows that dielectric constant decreased with the addition of various rare earths in the aluminophosphates zeolites. The value of dielectric constant decreased with the increasing frequency, which indicates that, the major contribution to the orientation polarization. The present paper reports and discusses the dielectric behaviour of such rare earth doped AlPO4-zeolites as a function of composition and frequency.

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