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Efficiency of newly synthesized ion exchangers, zirconiumbismuth tungstate and its poly-o-toluidine composite in environmental waste remediation- a comparative study

Author(s): M.A.Dhanitha,C.Janardanan

In this work, a comparative study of the potential application of two highly efficient ion exchange materials, Zirconium bismuth tungstate (ZBW) and its composite Poly-o-toluidine zirconium bismuth tungstate (POT-ZBW) for the remediation of toxic metal ions and methyl red (MR) dye from aqueous solution has been investigated. The synthesized exchangers were characterized by some physicochemical properties like FTIR, XRD, TGADTAand ion exchange properties to validate the structure and ion exchange behavior. Surface morphology can be determined through SEM analysis. The composite exchanger show high Na+ ion exchange capacity than its inorganic precipitate. The distribution studies of variousmetal ions showed that ZBWand POT-ZBWwere highly selective for Pb2+ and Th4+. The analytical application has been explored by achieving some binary separation of heavy metal ions such as Pb2+-Hg2+, Th4+-Al3+, Th4+-Ni2+, Pb2+-Mn2+ etc. Practical applicability of the material tested in industrial wastewaters indicate that they be used successfully in the separation of toxic heavy metal ions. In order to explore the environmental applicability of the newly synthesized ion exchangers, their adsorption potential towards methyl red dye was studied. The entire studies revealed that the novel exchangers are effective adsorbents for the removal of toxic pollutants from aqueous solution.

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