Effects of cartap hydrochloride - an insecticide onHordeumvulgare L.

Author(s): K.Babu,K.M.Umarajan

In this study, we have examined the impact of an insecticide cartap hydrochloride on seed germination, shoot-root growth, total carbohydrate, free amino acid, protein content, mitotic division, chromosomal aberrations and micronuclei in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.). The experiment data showed significant (P<0.05; P<0.001) inhibition in germination, shoot-root growth, decreases in carbohydrate, amino acid, protein content and mitotic division and increases in the chromosomal aberration and micronuclei. These remarkable findings suggest that the insecticide cartap hydrochloride possess potential toxic effects and may bring changes on the physio-morphology, cell division and genetic materials of barley.

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