Effectiveness of S/S treatment process on leaching behavior of multi-metal bearing sludge

Author(s): Smita Badur, Rubina Chaudhary

Research investigated Disposal of waste containing heavy metals (Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn, Cr) can causes serious environmental and ecological problems. A large number ofwastes can be disposed of by landfilling. Sludge was solidified using OPC, lime and back cotton soil. Concentrations of the metals in the leachate of cube having optimumcement, solid waste combination after 1, 7, 15 days curing are also shown. Compressive strength measurements could be used to determine the performance of the S/S process for this sludge. Compressive strengths of molds show that the higher the sludge/ cement ratio, the lower the compressive strength. 50-75%of sludge replacement gives adequate strength for the landfill disposal. The effectiveness of solidification and stabilization again on 15 day leaching test S3, S4 & M3 M4 are the combinations with effective S/S in comparisons to others.

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