Effect of water quality on flotation performance case study gol-Egohar iron mine Iran

Author(s): Mehdi Bazmandeh,Abbas Sam,Mehdi Ranjbar

A study was carried out to determine the effect of water quality on flotation performance. As water resources become scarcer and society’s demands to reduce freshwater extraction haveincreased, mine sites have been increasing water reuse and accessing multiple water sources for mineral processing to save freshwater, particularly in froth flotation. Implementation of either strategy may lead to water quality variation that may impact flotation efficiency. In this paper, a review of the existing studies on water quality variation in flotation is given in three aspects: causes of water quality variation, consequences of water quality variation and solutions for problems caused by water quality variation. Based on the three aspects, a framework was developed, with which these studies were categorized and structured.Organizing literature in thiswaymakes it possible to identify gaps in current research and future research directions.

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Table of Contents

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