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Effect of new amide additives on rate and qualities of steel deposition

Author(s): Mervette El Batouti, Abdel-Moneim M.Ahmed

The most important effects of additives, such as the grain refinement of the deposit, polarization of the cathode, incorporation of additives in the deposit, the change of the orientation of crystals and the synergism of additives are presented. Current efficiency of steel deposition ranged from 6.45% to 41.94% %depending on the operating conditions while energy consumption ranged from 3.66 kJ mol-1 to 11.66 kJ mol-1 depending on the operating conditions. The mechanismof action of different amides has been discussed. Possible application of the present results in different electrometallurgical processes involving steel deposition such as electrowining, recovery of steel fromwaste solutions, electroforming, electrofining and electroplating was noted. The present work is concerned with studying the effect of some new aliphatic and aromatic amides as additives with the effect of other parameters such as current density, temperature on the rate of electrodeposition, and energy consumption.

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