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Effect Of Chromium (VI) Exposure On Serum Amylase Activity In Chromium Plating Workers

Author(s): Ravibabu Kalahasthi, Rajmohan Hirehal Raghavendra Rao, Rajan Bagalur Krishna murthy, M.Karuna Kumar

The effect of chromium (VI) exposure on serum amylase activity has been monitored in chromium plating workers of Bangalore City (India). 50 subjects using chromium (VI) during electroplating formed the study group. An equal number of age–sex matched subjects working in administrative section formed the control group. Urinary chromium levels were determined by using a flameless atomic absorption spectrophotometer. The serum amylase concentration was determined by using the spectrophotometric method with 2- chloro-4-nitrophenyl-α-D-maltotrioside (CNP-G3) as substrate. Significant increase of urine chromium and serum amylase activity was noted in the subjects of the study group as compared with the subjects in control group. The level of serum amylase activity was positively and significantly associated with chromium levels in urine of chromium exposed subjects. Multiple regression analysis assessed the effect of chromium exposure, life style confounding factors and presence of gastrointestinal problems on serum amylase activity. Analysis showed that the subjects with smoking, BMI and chromium exposure variables were significantly associated with increase of serum amylase activity. The results of the present study suggests that the increased serum amylase level observed in chromium exposed workers could be used as bioindicator for pancreatic function in chromium exposure.

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