Effect of application of different pesticides to leguminous crops on soil microflora of Sidhi district (M.P.)

Author(s): Vinod Dubey, Dhananjai Singh, Archna Shukla, Sonam Shukla, Neha Singh

The pesticides contributing to the contamination of soil may influence microbial population of the soil and in turn fertility of soil. The present experimental work clearly indicates the effect of different pesticides such as carbofuran, phorate, carbosulfan and thiomethoxamon soilmicroflora. The viable count of rhizobia and phosphate solubilizing bacteria fromrhizospheric soil of leguminous crop ranged between 107 – 105 Cfu/g soil which was comparable to the count of bacteria fromuntreated (control) soil.No significant changes in the total viable count of any kind of Bacteria due to application of Pesticides has been found showing their ability to degrade these pesticides.

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