Dynamics of adsorption isotherms for the treatment of domestic effluents with novel isolated microorganism

Author(s): Jagdish Singh, Himsheta, Ramandeep Kaur

Microorganisms possess a capacity to accumulate organic and inorganic matter in their body, evoke the process of their enzymatic transformation and adsorb them on the cell surface. Detailed batch studies with the selected JH4 microbial biomass as a adsorbent, has been carried out to investigate the effect of pH, contact time on the adsorption isothermfor TS, TDS and Hardness. Isolated bacterial strains JH4 posses the capacity to reduce TS, TDS and Hardness of water about 82±2 % at pH 7 with contact time of 85 minutes. The adsorption kinetic study satisfied the model Langergren and Frendulich equilibrium constant. Adsorption capacity was found to be 47.2, 27 and 26mg/g of of adsorbent for TS, TDS and hardness respectively.

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