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DTA and TG studies of zinc oxinate

Author(s): O.G.Palanna

An oxidative thermal decomposition of zinc oxinate is investigated through differential thermal analysis (DTA),Thermogravimetric (TG), Differential thermogravimetry(DTG), Infra-Red,(IR) and powderX-ray diffraction (XRD) techniques. The identification and the purity of zinc oxinate is carried out by IR spectrumof the sample. The hydrated zinc oxinate is Zn(C9H6ON)22H2O. The Differential thermal analysis pointed out that the sample is thermally stable between 250C and 1250C. At 1450C, it loses two molecules of water yielding anhydrous Zn(C9H6ON)2. TG and DTG analysis showed that the anhydrous sample of oxinate is stable between temperatures 1450Cand 3000C without weight loss. Further, the DTA, TG and DTG studies indicated that the oxidative thermal decomposition began above 3000C, initially slowly with a loss of weight of the complex molecule; and the first phase is complete at 4250C. The second exothermic peak is observed in the DTAcurve at 5600Cwhich could be attributed to the elimination of residual organic part of the oxinate molecule with a considerable weight loss between 5000C and 6250C, as evident from TG curve of the sample. The final product of the oxidative thermal decomposition is ZnO at 6250C and is stable, which is identified and characterized by XRD studies.

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