Dosimetric properties of in-house prepared MgB4O7:Dy

Author(s): Nabil El-Faramawy, Arafa Abd El-Hafez, Sahar Ameen, Manal Abdel-Baki

The dosimetric characteristics of prepared MgB4O7 doped with Dy have been studied using the thermoluminescence (TL) technique. The TL was observed at the most intense temperature of 187±2 oC that is applied on varied Dy concentration. The response recorded was linear with gamma doses in the range from1 Gy up to 2 kGy and a good linear index coefficient at all applied doses but notin dose range from 100 to 500 mGy. The MgB4O7:Dy dosimeters have shown a TL-sensitivity of 2.2 times higher than that of TLD-100. Furthermore, the study indicated that the dosimeters subject of study, are highly affected by fading.

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