Dinuclear, mixed-ligand cobalt(II) complexes of methylsulfanyl carboxylic acids and fatty acids

Author(s): Tarkeshwar Gupta, Rinkoo Devi Gupta, Talat Fatma, Balram Prasad Baranwal

Aseries of cobalt(II) complexeswith bidentate ligands likemethy sufanyl– carboxylic (methylsulfanyl-acetic and 2-methylsulfanyl-benzoic) acids and straight chain fatty (myristic, palmitic and stearic) acids have been prepared and studied. Coordination behaviour and stoichiometry of the complexes have been evaluated by infrared spectral and elemental analyses data. Non-electrolytic and dinuclear nature of the complexes have been assessed from conductance measurements and FAB mass analyses data. The geometry around the metal ion has been assigned on the basis of electronic spectra and magnetic susceptibility measurements. The representative complex, Co2(OOCCH2SMe)2(OOCC13H27)2display two one electron reversible cyclic voltammetric responses assignable to the CoIICoII/ CoIICoIII and CoIICoIII/CoIIICoIII couple near 0.82(E = 65mV) and 1.02V(E=70mV) sAg/0.01MAgNO3.Thermal decomposition process of the complex has been discussed on the basis of TG and DTA analyses data.

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