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Design, Development and Evaluation of an Environmental Diagnostic Approach for the Industry Companies in Morocco

Author(s): El Hour S, Aouane M and Chaouch A

The environmental analysis is to developing an inventory of the environmental situation of the company by identifying environmental impacts, to identify the most significant environmental requests. The objective of this scientific paper is to design and to develop of an environmental diagnostic approach for the dairy industry companies in Morocco. Based on an analysis of approaches implemented and evaluated by companies for environmental analysis, we were able to generate a reliable and correct methodological approach for the environmental analysis. Then we chose the tools Unified Modeling Language and Architecture of Integrated Information Systems to model the approach developed. The two processes of environmental analysis that we have developed: The diagnosis of environmental aspects and evaluation of environmental impacts were presented in a class, diagram and chart Chain event process. The model developed for the environmental analysis that is organized in a series of sequences, thus combining the practices, and generates results. Our scientific research has proposed a process of environmental analysis by well-structured and organized model, represented with the class diagram and the event process chain diagram. To ensure that the approach taken to be practical and operational we propose to operationalize it in a specially dedicated IT applications.

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