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Design and Fabrication of Low Cost Compact Bio-Diesel Production Plant

Author(s): Venkatesan K

The depletion of fossil fuels and the worst impact on environmental pollution caused of their burning have led to the search for renewable clean energies. Nowadays, there are many sources of renewable energy. Biodiesel is just one source, but a very important one. Biodiesel has been known as an attractive alternative fuel although biodiesel produced from edible oil is very expensive than conventional diesel. Therefore, the uses of biodiesel produced from non-edible oils are much better option. Biodiesel is gaining more and more importance as an attractive fuel due to the depleting fossil fuel resources. Chemically biodiesel is monoalkyl esters of long chain fatty acids derived from renewable feed stock like vegetable oils and animal fats. This paper will describe the engineering design for the reactor vessel development beginning at the stoichiometric equations for the production process and the thermal energy balance to the detail engineering including the equipment selection and fabrication in order to meet the design and objective specifications. Biodiesel produced from cashew shell pyro oil, coconut shell pyro oil, Kikar seeds pyro oil and velikkathan seeds pyro oil are used in this setup to produce the Bio diesel. The bio diesel pyro oil properties are very near to diesel fuel and this design system showed close value to the requirements of diesel standard.

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