Density and diversity of aquatic avifauna and climate change in the wetland of hassan district, Karnataka, India

Author(s): B.S.Ravikumar

The avifauna diversity and density in the wetland of Hassan district, Karnataka, India, was studied for a period of three years. Ponds of Hassan district inhabit several local and migratory bird species. Reduction in water retention in these ponds in summer, weed infestation; variations in food availability in different seasonal threat of predation on the breeding activity of birds affected the avifauna diversity in the study area. This habitat attracted 33 bird species belonging to 18 families, which are local and migratory aquatic birds, waders and others. Highest population was recorded in the familyArdeidae and Rallidae. Interestingly, the area was found congenial for certain residentmigrant’s viz. Storks, Ibises and Herons. Other prominent residents were Moorhens, Jacanas, and Cormorants. The visitors include Ringed plovers, Wagtails and Pintails. It was evident that Purple moorhen, White breasted water hen, Pond heron have developed high tolerance to this highly fluctuating habitat and human activity. I hope that this study would provide a preliminary database for further research.

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