Decomposition of phenol in aqueous solution using synthesized anatase phase TiO2

Author(s): H.Eslami Namin, H.R.Rashidi, H.Hashemipur Rafsanjani, M.Ranjbar

Phenol is used in the industry as a starting material for chemical synthesis. This type of compounds can end up as pollutants in wastewater. In this research Photocatalytic degradation of phenol in aqueous solution was studied using synthesized TiO2 prepared by precipitation of TiCl4 solution. XRD and TEMtechniques used for characterization of the prepared sample and it is shown that prepared sample contain anatase phase TiO2 with average crystallite size of 10 nm. The effects of operating parameters such as catalyst dosage, pH of the solution and light intensity on photodegradation process were examined to achieve the optimum condition for degradation of phenol.

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