Decolourisation of blue BB by arcyria cinerea isolated from the gut of spider (Achaearanea tepidariorum)

Author(s): C.K.Venil, N.Sangeetha Kamatshi, P.Velmurugan, P.Lakshmanaperumalsamy

Synthetic dyes constitute the largest group of dyes used in the textile industry and possess recalcitrant chemical groups such as those of azo and sulphonic acid. Some microorganisms are able to degrade these aromatic compounds. In the present work, decolourisation of culture media containing Blue BB dye by the fungus Arcyria cinerea isolated from the gut of spider (Achaearanea tepidariorum) was achieved under optimum conditions. The aim of this study was to pre-adapt the microorganism to decolourize the dye under optimum conditions. The optimization was carried out for various parameters like temperature, pH, aeration/agitation, equilibrium time and dye concentrations. The results showed that the optimal decolourization was observed in temperature 25oC, pH 5, agitation 150 rpm, equilibriumtime 78 hours and dye concentrations up to 500 mg/L.

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