-Cyclodextrin enhanced desorption of atrazine from soil and its mineralization by oxidative reaction using zer valent iron powder

Author(s): Jamil Rima, Karine Assaker

The combination of atrazine solubility enhancement using saturated aqueous -cyclodextrin (-CD) solution and the zero valent iron powder technology was applied to remove the atrazine from contaminated soil. The solubilization of the hydrophobic atrazine by -cyclodextrin was investigated. Linear and non linear regression methods were used to estimate the formation constants (K). A 1:1 stoichiometric ratio was observed for the binary inclusion complex between atrazine and -cyclodextrinwith a formation constant of 285 ± 15 M-1. Experimental work was conducted to determine the sorption-desorption behavior of atrazine in clayey soil using the batch equilibriumtechnique and â-cyclodextrin in aqueous solution. The - cyclodextrin solution facilitated themass transfer of atrazinemolecules from soil to the aqueous phase. The destruction of atrazine by using iron particles under appropriate conditions was achieved 97% More than 97% of atrazine disappeared within 30minutes of treatment. The decreasing of total organic carbon (TOC), the formation of carbon dioxide and the evolution of atrazine concentrationswere respectively analyzed by TOC,HPLC and UVVis spectroscopy. The by-products during the reaction were not identified.

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