Crystal growth of novel bimetallic nikel, magnesium (Ni3+, Mg2+) potassium di hydrogen phosphate (NMKDP) by solution growth and their characterizations

Author(s): A.Claude

PotassiumDi-hydrogen Phosphate (KDP), crystal is a good Nonlinear optic material having Second Harmonic Generation property (SHG). These KDP crystal is grown with bimetallic dopants Nikel-Magnesium (Ni3+, Mg2+) to form Nikel-Magnesium Di-hydrogen Phosphate (NMKDP). The grown crystals were analysed for structural and optical characteristics and compared with pureKDP. FTIRanalysis explains the inclusion of themetallic impurities which extends the transmission region visibly. High Resolution XRD confirms the order of crystallinity of the material which is found to be superior in the pure form than the bimetallic form thereby conforming the inclusion of the bimetals. The conversion efficiency and verification of SHG generation of the grown crystalswere also confirmed byKurtz method.

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