Co-relation of flouride with other parameter of physio chemical studies of daltonganj block area, Palamau district, Jharkhand to identify flurosis affected areas and its impact on environment

Author(s): K.K.Tiwary, A.K.Shrivastva, S.Mishra, R.R.Jha

Physico-chemical studies of ground water samples both from bore wells and dug wells of daltonganj block areas of Palamau district of Jharkhand have been carried out for various parameters in general and that of fluoride concentration in particular in pre-monsoon season of 2009. Though, generally ground water of both types of wells are of good quality but in certain areas it is confronted with slightly high concentration of fluoride causing dental fluorosis among children. In dug well fluoride concentration in 7 samples area bit higher side (TABLE-1) while in bore wells too, 7 samples are on higher and rest 7 within lower limit. (TABLE-2). The other variables so far analysed are within permissible limit ofWHO for portable water in both types of wells samples (see TABLE 01 and 02). The variation observed in TABLE I and 2 in various parameters are due to its geogenic origin, of the various parameters and also of the nature of depth of wells of different places in the present area.

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