Coordination polymer of Mn(II) based on triazol-ligand: Synthesis and crystal structure

Author(s): Jian-Long Du

One newMn(II) complex: {[MnL2(H2O)2](BF4)2(CH3COCH3)2}8 [L = 2,3- bis(triazol-1-ylmethyl)quinoxaline] was prepared and structurally characterized. Single crystalX-ray diffraction analysis showed that theMn(II) lies in distorted octahedron coordination geometry. Crystal data: Monoclinic, spacegroupC2/c,=32.905(7)Å, b=8.2749(17) Å, c=18.458(4) Å, =118.53(3)°, V=4415.5(16)Å3, Z=4,D=1.455Mgm-3.

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