Controlling the output of a variable speed wind turbine using pitch controller

Author(s): Sudipta Dey, A.K.Sengupta, Riku Chowdhury, Shuvashis Chakraborty, Sanjoy Kumar Nandi

Wind energy varies with year, season, and time of day, elevation above ground, and form of terrain. Because of fluctuating nature of the wind speed the variation of the output power occurs. When wind speed exceeds the rated speed of a turbine, the output power also exceeds the rated level. By controlling the pitch angle the output power of the wind turbine can be limited. The purpose of this work is to design a MATLAB\SIMULINK model of a wind turbine using pitch controller where at high wind speed region, the pitch controller will automatically active to maintain the output power at the rated level. From simulation result, it is observed that, at rated wind speed pitch angle is zero i.e. pitch controller remains inactive and above rated wind speed the pitch controller is activated and keep the output power at rated value by changing the value of pitch angle.

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