Control of the Environmental Management System Performance According to ISO 14001 Standard Version 2004 of the Agriculture Dairy Cooperative in Kenitra City « EXTRA LAIT » - Morocco

Author(s): El Hour S, Aouane M and Chaouch A

Aim: The target of this scientific study involves implanting practical component and steps to setting up of an environmental program and provides a performance control of environmental system. Method: Among the most important Agriculture Dairy Cooperative in Morocco, “Extra lait” is leader in dairy products in Morocco; it has experienced significant development in terms of improved environmental performance. The Agriculture Cooperative seeks to demonstrate its commitment to improving its environmental performance level; it has developed a project to implement an environmental management system. Results: In general, after the check of the result, the major remarks that the process of a dairy industry of this agriculture cooperative generate an important element of environmental pollution (dairy processing waste, pollutants from livestock operations, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), heavy metals, chemical waste, and others) with high organic load (3100 m3/J).

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