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Complexation studies of Cu2+ ion with four new synthesized triazene ligands by spectrophotometric and conductometric methods

Author(s): Mahmood Payehghadr, Homa Shafikhani, Hossain Tavalali, Abdol Mohammad Attaran, Mohammad Kazem Rofouei

Four new symmetric and asymmetric triazene ligands, ((E)-1,3-bis (2-ethoxyphenyl) triaze-1-ene (L1), (E)- 3-(4- chlorophenyl)1-(2-methoxyphenyl)triaze-1-ene (L2), (E)-1-(2-ethoxyphenyl)-3-(3- nitrophenyl) triaze-1-ene (L3) and (E)-1-(2-ethoxyphenyl)-3-(4-nitrophenyl) triaze-1-ene (L4)) have been synthesized and kf value of it’s complexes with Cu2+ ion have been determined spectrophometric and conductrometric methods. Comprise of the kf data indicate that the stability of the complexes to vary in the order L1> L2> L3 > L4.

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