Comparison of physic-chemical and metallic characteristics noted in winter and those noted in summer (year 2008/2009) in the water of R'dom river (Morocco)

Author(s): Abdalhamid Ouzair, A.Lebkiri, K.Houri, A.Allam, E.Rifi, E.Hbaiz, E.Ouihman, M.Lebkiri, M.Fadli

we have compared the physicochemical characteristics and the degree of metallic contamination, recorded inwinter, and those recorded in summer in the water of R’dom river which is a tributary of Sebu river (Morocco). The results have shown that, in places, the waters of this river have an organic pollution and / or métallque. This pollution is both winter and summer in some stations and it is only in winter or in summer in others. The main causes of the variation of this pollution can be attributed to the changes in water flow Oued R’dom and thus to the dilution of wastewater discharges fromstormwater.While the stationsmost vulnerable to urbanwaste, industrial or agricultural have showed a persistently high level of pollution.

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