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Comparison of latest US and global tide gauge results with the IPCCAR4 sea level projections: The acceleration free US and world average tide gauges

Author(s): Albert Parker

It is proposed here a compilation of US tide gauges with more than 70 years of measurements. The average sea level rise was 2.19 mm/year in 1999, 2.14 mm/year in 2006 and it is 2.14 mm/year in the last computation with data updated to 2011. This result is consistent with all the other compilations of tide gauges of enough length for other geographical areas as well as for the worldwide average tide gauge. The result is compared with the IPCCAR4 sea level projections.While the IPCCprojections suppose the sea levels are positively accelerating at various rates, the US tide gauge results show a small negative acceleration.

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