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Comparative XRD, XRF and SEM studies of phase compositions and elemental distributions for Fe, Co-containing catalysts

Author(s): Mai M.Khalaf, H.C.Ibrahimov, E.H.Ismailov, Y.H.Yusifov, N.M.Alieva

This paper is primarily focused on the characterization of iron and cobalt nanoscale oxides synthesized by a method based on reaction of finedispersedAl flakeswith dichloroethane in paraffin mediumin the presence of iron and cobalt chlorides at different calcined temperatures forming catalytic complexes. This chemical-based synthesis route is briefly described, and the feasibility of obtaining such oxides. Characterization was done byX-ray fluorescence microscopy (XRFM), X-ray diffractometer (XRD), and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) studies which revealed, respectively, the presence of oxides and their nanoscale structures, including the elemental distribution and mass thickness of the these elements over the layers.

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