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Comparative, synthesis and characterization studies of some metal complexes derived from L-lysine.HCl and L-lysine.2HCl by tribochemical reactions (part 2)

Author(s): Aml G.Moustafa1,Abdel FattahM.Badawi2, EmanM.Shoukry1,Mona F.Amin1,MohsenM.Mostafa3*

Tribochemical reaction of L-lysine.HClwithMX2 affords four newcomplexes with the general formula, R2[MCl4] (R=L-lysine.HCl). The complexes were synthesized by grinding the reactants in the solid state in a mortar. The isolated solid complexes derived fromCu2+,Ba2+, Cd2+ and Pd2+chloridesare characterized by elemental analyses, conductivities, spectral (IR, UV-Vis, Far-IR) and magnetic measurements. Molar conductance values of the isolated solid complexes suggest their electrolytic nature inDMSO butthe complexes are easily decomposed in H2O. Spectral and magnetic measurements suggest that the metal ions form tetrahedral geometry around the metal ion. The [MCl4]2- anion and its counter ions are connected through a hydrogen bonds between Cl of the anion and OH(carboxylate)forming O-H···Cl interaction. The results of Far-IR spectra suggest the stretching and bendingvibrations of M-Cl. Also, a comparative study between the complexes isolated from L-lysine.HClandour previous studies derived fromLlysine. 2HCl has been illustrated. Finally, the complexes were tested against different types of cancer and some of the complexes give promising results.

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