Comparative study of vehicular pollution in Urban and Sub urban areas of Srinagar city, Kashmir, India

Author(s): Imran A.Dar, Mithas A.Dar

An attempt has been made in this research work to evaluate the current status of vehicular pollution in Srinagar city, the Capital City of Jammu and Kashmir, India. The main thrust in this research work is given on the contribution of urban and sub-urban vehicular exhausts to the total City’sVehicular Pollution. Two sites were selected fromeach area (i.e. two fromurban area and two fromsub-urban), close to the road about 20ft fromthe center of the road. The main parameters considered for the study include SPM, settleable particulate, NOx, SO2 andNoise level. The sampleswere collected between 0900-1700 hours and analysis was carried out within 24 hours. Through out the study, SPM was found much above the standards. On an average, the highest level of SPM, 720.2g/m3 was recorded at site-II of Athwajan and lowest 426.4g/m3 at Zainakadal at site-II.OverallNO2 was found higher atAthwajan than at Zainakadal mainly due to high Traffic flow and Traffic Jams. Athwajan was found to have more pollutant level of SO2 than Zainakadal, whichmay be due tomore traffic flow, and large number of heavy diesel vehicles atAthwajan.Noise level at all the sites was found much above the standards. AtAthwajan the maximum level was found at site-II, (111.6dB (A)). At Zainakadal noise level was found maximum at II, 102dB (A). Moreover, a negative correlation has been observed between the speed of the vehicle and emission of carbonmonoxide.While as Positive Correlation has been observed between the Speed of the vehicle and Nitrogen oxide emissions. Finally the remedial measures have been suggested in order to minimize the Vehicular Pollution.

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