Comparative acute toxicity of copper(II), cadmium(II), and gallium(III) on freshwater shrimp (macrobrachium nipponense) and reference values for five aquatic organisms

Author(s): Jen-Lee Yang, Liang-Hsien Chen, Ying-Chou Lee, Hon-Cheng Chen

The purposes of this study were to evaluate acute lethal concentrations of copper, cadmium, and gallium on freshwater shrimp(Macrobrachium nipponense). The static renewal test method of acute toxicity test was used, and water temperature was maintained at 25.00.50C. Data of individualmetal obtained fromacute toxicity testswere determined using probit analysismethod by Finney. Themedian lethal concentration(96-h LC50) of copper, cadmium, and galliumforM. nipponensewere estimated as 0.0313, 0.0539, and 2.8266mg/l, respectively. Comparing the tolerance of M.nipponense with other species which exposed to these metals from our former acute toxicity tests, it is obviously that the M.nipponense is more sensitive than that of various other aquatic animals.

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