Column and batch studies for bioremediation of chromium (VI) from aqueous and industrial wastewater

Author(s): Simmi Goel, Kirat

The column and batch removal of Cr (VI) fromaqueous solution and industrial effluent using low-cost adsorbents such as saw dust (Dalbergia sisso), walnut (Juglans regia) and almond shell (Prunus dulcis) under different experimental conditions was investigated in this study. The influences of initial Cr (VI) ion concentration (10 to 100ppm), pH (2 to 9), flowrate (0.5- 1ml/minute), contact time (60-180 minute), sorbent dosage (5-10gm), agitation speed (80-160rpm) have been reported. The results indicate that the optimumpH, flowrate, sorbent dosage, agitation speed for the removalwas found to be 2, 0.5ml/min.,10gm, 120rpmrespectively for all types of carbon. The comparative chromium(100ppm) removal efficacy of three adsorbents is in the order of walnut shell (82.2%)>sawdust (71%)>almond shell (70%) fromboth aqueous solution and industrial effluent. Continous column studies are more efficient in Cr (VI) removal as compared to batch studies.

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