Cobalt, chromium and mercury uptake by sol-gel immobilized humic acid

Author(s): Rafik S.Helles, Thnaa Hamed Salem, Omima Ramadan Khalifa, Kamal Shaheen, Mahmoud M.Issa, R'afat Mahmoud Nejem

In thiswork humic acid was immobilized in sol-gelmatrix. The immobilized polymer was used to remove cobalt, chromium and mercury from water. Maximumuptake was almost achieved after 3 hours with a values of 51 mg/ g imm.HAfor cobalt, 55mg/g imm.HAfor chromiumand 39.9mg/g imm.HA mg formercury,. The uptake of thementioned metalswas almost completed after 3 hours. It was found the uptake was pH dependant that is;Maximum uptake for cobalt andmercurywas at pH 6, while pH 5 was the optimumfor chromium. Buffer type and buffer concentration exhibit a significant effect on the uptake of the metals under study. The effect of temperature was investigated and optimum temperature was 30oC for cobalt and chromium and 40oC formercury.

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