Coal-based fly-ash waste material as adsorbent for removal of textile colorants from aqueous solution

Author(s): Biswajit Ruj

Adsorption of some common textile dyes viz. Congo red, T-Blue, Blue 2B and Sky blue on the surface of the flyash has been investigated spectrophotometrically as a function of flyash, dye concentrations, contact time and pH (4.0 – 9.0).At a constant temperature, increase in flyash dose (1-5gm) increased the amount of adsorption (20-90%) of dye species. Adsorption data fitted to Freundtich isotherm were found to be linear for all the dyes under investigation. Extent of adsorption of above dyes was found to be almost unchanged over the studied pH range 4.0 to 9.0.

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