Cloud point extraction spectrophotometric determination of nickel, copper, cobalt and chromiumby 4- HBDA1, 5DPHPas reagent in wastewater of Iraq

Author(s): SaadiyahAhmed Dhahir, Sana RhajabBakir

A simple, low cost and highly sensitive method based on cloud point extraction (CPE) used for separation/preconcentration of Nickel, Copper, Cobalt and Chromiumhas been described.After complexation with ligand 4- HBDA1, 5DPHP, the parameters which affecting of the separation phase and detection process, were optimized such as pH,4- HBDA1, 5DPHP, concentration of TritonX-100, incubation time and temperature. Calibration graph showed linear trend in rang of 5-50ìgL-1,5-70ìgL-1,5-80ìgL-1and 5- 60ìgL-1 for Ni(II), Cu(II), Co(II) and Cr(III) respectively, the recovery of analytes was in the range (98-99%, 97.5-99.8%, 96.5-99.7%and96-98%) detection limits was (2.805, 2.08, 0.456and 2.5ìgL-1) relative standard deviation (RSD) (1.6%,0.91%,1.8%,1.2%) respectively. The proposed method was applied successfully in wastewater samples.

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