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Chemical Studies on the Removal of Some Heavy Metals from Industrial Waste Solutions Using Animal Bones and Nile Rose Plant as Natural Sorbents

Author(s): Abou-Mesalam MM, El-Shorbagy MM, Omran BA and Ayad MI

Different types of natural sorbents such as camel bone, cow bone, sheep bone and Nile Rose plant were used for the retention of some toxic heavy metals such as Pb2+, Mn2+, Ni2+ and Cu2+ ions from waste water produced from chemical industry factories using batch technique. Characterizations of the natural sorbents were done using different analytical tool such as X-ray fluorescence and x-ray diffraction spectrometers. Factors affecting on the retention process of the studied toxic cations such as contact time, pH of the medium and the concentration of the metal cations were investigated. The data indicated that the Kd values of Cu2+, Mn2+, Ni2+ and Pb2+ ions are increased with increasing the pH of the solution from 1.0 to 5.0 with the selectivity sequence; Pb2+>Ni2+>Mn2+>Cu2+. Also, the data of isotherm indicated that all the investigated cations were physically sorbed on animal bones and Nile Rose plant sorbents with sorbent surface of heterogeneous type. Finally, column chromatographic was carried out from the results obtained.

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