Characterization of textile effluent and decolorization by using fungi

Author(s): M.Krishnaveni, R.Kowsalya

The textile industries by for the most passionate user of synthetic dyes are in need of ecoefficient solutions for its colored effluents. This study was under taken for the possibility of application of aspergillus niger for biotechnological treatment of textile effluents. Effluent fromerode, three samples namely N1, N2, andN3. Its physiochemical properties were investigated. BOD, COD, TDS also assayed. Effluent was also analyzed for P, Ca, Fe, Cl, S using volumetric and spectro photometric method and textile effluentwas decolorized by aspergillus niger. This study proved that aspergillus niger could effectively be used for effluent treatment.

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