Challenges of producing food on a warming planet and adaptation

Author(s): Arsheen Tabassum, D.Sunita, M.Shailaja Raj

Global warming happens when greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane) trap heat and light from the sun in the earth’s atmosphere and the temperature rises. On a very hot day, the car gets hotter when it is out in the parking lot because the heat and light from the sun can get into the car, by going through the windows, but it can’t get back out. This is what the greenhouse effect does to the earth. The heat and light can get through the atmosphere, but it can’t get out. As a result, the temperature rises. The greenhouse effect makes the earth unusually warmer, and many plants, animals, and people will die.Whether it be the crops we grow, the livestock we raise, or the wild plants and animals that we harvest, every organism that we rely on as a food source depends on a unique confluence of climatic conditions that determine whether itwillmerely survive, deteriorate, or flourish.

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