Carbon dioxide capture by adsorption using sulfur doped carbon material

Author(s): G.Thayanidhi, R.Palani, N.Meyyappan, R.Parthiban

Porous carbon materials have many technological and industrial applications. In this study, the porous sulfur doped carbon has been prepared using activated carbon and thiourea with potassium hydroxide as the activating agent. In order to obtain a better surface area, the process was repeated for different activation time and temperature.As a result, the material synthesized at 400°C with an activation time of 1 hour showed the maximumsurface area of 783.57m2/g.Maximumcarbon dioxide adsorption capacity of the sorbent was found to be 43.8 mg/g at an exposure time of 30 minutes. In addition, experimental data wasmodelledwith different kinetics and fromthe regression coefficient, pseudo second ordermodel was found to be well fitted with the experimental data.

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