Canteen kitchen waste management through vermicomposting employing Eisenia foetida and Perionyx excavatus species of earthworm

Author(s): N.M.Ghadge, J.S.Samant

A comparative Study was conducted, to test potential of two earthworm species (E. foetida and P.excavatus) for vermicomposting of canteen kitchen waste management generated on university campus. Vermicomposting of canteen kitchen waste showed better results compared to ordinary composting. Nitrogen and phosphorous contents showed increased trend after 60 days of vermicomposting, whereas potassium content was slightly decreased in the test pits of P.excavatus and increased in E.foetida as compared with initialmaterial.Adecreased in organic carbon content in the waste material was observed to be decreased as compared to initial waste. The efficiency of both earthworm species was observed to be comparable without any statistically significant difference. The results showed both species could be used for management of canteen kitchen waste as compared to ordinary compost method.

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