Calculating urban and rural areas risk score (URAS) in environmental risk assessment (ERA) of pipelines

Author(s): Jahangir Jafari, Nematollah Khorasani, Afshin Danehkar

This paper presents a methodology for calculating the risks that built-environment, characteristically urban and rural areas, face in the case of pipeline failures. Bidkhounwith a URAS of 1.45 has scored themost of all due to an average distance of 961m from the pipeline. Dehno was the safest builtenvironment in the case of pipeline failure circumstances. The state-of-theart method used in this study revealed partial deficits in the other pipeline environmental risks assessments not considering the issue of URA properly. It is suggested that new policies are to be implemented to reduce the negative effects of the mentioned pipeline that has not yet been constructed completely as well as the other similar pipelines on the human settlements involving the vicinity of the pipeline.

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