Birefringence in Me-CdP2 photodiodes

Author(s): I.G.Stamov, N.N.Syrbu, L.Nemerenco, V.V.Zalamai

In the paper it is researched the spatial dispersion in CdP2 crystals. The dispersion is positive nk||c> nk||y in the ë>ë0 region and negative nk||c < nk||y in ë<ë0 region. CdP2 crystals are isotropic in case of ë0=896nmand a transmission maximum is observed in case of cross polarizers (n=no– ne=0). The refractive index nk||c is higher in the longwavelength region in reference to ë0 than the refractive index in case of nk||y polarization, the dispersion is positive. In the shortwavelength part an inverse dependence is observed and the dispersion is negative. Current-voltage characteristics had been researched for Me-Cdp2 diodes at different temperatures, temperature dependencies of “imperfection” coefficient ä for different Schottky barriers.The voltage dependence of capacitance had been studied for Me-Cdp2 photodiodes obtained by electro-chemical deposition of metal and thermo-chemicalmetal spraying in vacuum. The dependence of diffusion potential on themetalwork function îm(C) has been revealed. The influence of birefringence and gyration on spectral characteristics of p-n photodiodes and Schottky diodes has been determined. The ability of controlling photodiodes’ characteristics was obtained using the features of gyration in CdP2crystals.

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