Biosorption of chromium (VI) onto (Eriobotrya japonica) loquat bark from aqueous solution

Author(s): Akl M.Awwad, Nida M.Salem, Rafat A.Ahmad

The present study investigated the effectiveness of an inexpensive and ecofriendly loquat bark as a biosorbent for the possible removal of toxic chromium ions from aqueous solution. In this study, the effects of biosorbent dose, pH, initial concentration, contact time, and temperature were examined. The biosorption data were fitted well by Langmuir isotherms. Thermodynamic analysis revealed that the adsorption behavior of Cr(VI) onto loquat bark biosorbent was an endothermic process, resulting in higher biosorption capacities at higher temperatures. The negative values of G and positive values of H revealed that the biosorption process was spontaneous and endothermic. The mean free energy (E) for the biosorption of Cr(VI) was determined fromthe Dubinin-Radushkevick equation indicated that the biosorption of chromium species onto loquat bark mainly proceeds through binding surface functional groups.

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