Bioconversion of market wastes by aerobic composting process

Author(s): N.D.Shrinithivihahshini

We live in the society that consume more resources and do less for the conservation. The people, in the heavily populated countries have also learnt to live amidst smelly rubbish heaps, which can otherwise be utilized as manure. Though we know composting technique, we restrict ourselves within vegetable and animal wastes. The present study would help the government and NGOs, in managing the solid waste through composting. In view of the above points, study was carried out at Tamil NaduAgricultural University, to decompose fruits and vegetables waste, generated at market. The waste frommarketwas collected and composted aerobically in heaps. Potential microbial consortia and nitrogen, phosphorous sources were used for composting. The complete degradation was achieved at the end of the ninthweek. The finishedmaterial had 2.20, 0.18 and 1.85 percent of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium respectively. The compost was subsequently inoculatedwith aerobic free living nitrogen fixing bacterium, Azotobacter chroococum for further enrichment.

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