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Bacteriological status of drinking water available in salinity affected villages of Akola and Buldhana district of Vidharbha (Maharashtra state)

Author(s): D.H.Tambekar, V.V.Kale, S.R.Zalte, S.A.Pawar, S.D.Tambekar

Water borne diseases continue to be a dominant cause of water borne morbidities and mortality all over the world. In present study, a total of 260 water sampleswere analyzed for water quality fromsurface water (13) shallow ground water (42), deep ground water (129) and public water supply (76) and thermotolerant coliform (E.coli) were isolated and detected from different localities of salinity affected villages ofAkola and Buldhana district of Purna River basin of Vidharbha. The investigation showed water from these villages was not free from fecal contamination. Moreover, in villages, open defecation may be the one of the cause for water pollution in surfacewater alongwith impropermanagement of sewagewater fromhousehold, industrial influent. The contamination in hand pump and tube well which was occurred may be due to percolation of sewage and wastewater and construction of latrines near the tube well. Hence open defecation should be avoided in villages along with proper management of sewage from household, industrial effluent, water hygiene which can reduces the water pollution and water borne diseases.

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